Quality policy

Zipplast d.o.o. has a long tradition and experience in manufacturing a wide range of zippers for different requirements of clothing industry, footwear, furniture and others.

Zipplast d.o.o. permanent commitment is that the main support for success, protection from competition and increasing market share is based on the delivery of high and continuous quality products to its customers.

Quality policy, as a foundation of Zipplast d.o.o. business policy, is based on:

  • Compliance with legislation and the principles of good practice in the development and delivery of a wide range of high quality products that fully meet the needs and requirements of customers.
  • The highest quality service, which provides quality products to the customer as soon as possible.
  • Modern production technology, good quality materials, efficient operations, that are elements for creating a recognizable and competitive product quality.
  • Long-term partnerships with customers and suppliers, with whom we achieve business development and mutual profits, through joint activities and cooperation.
  • Efficient and effective management that achieves: a better use of all resources, reducing costs, prevention of errors, shorter production cycles and predictable results.
  • Continuous improvement of quality management system and business results through measurement and evaluation of achieved results.

In order to achieve our goals, Zipplast d.o.o. has edited their business and organization according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and good market practice that they bring.


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