Zippers (zip fasteners)

Zipper represents a universal product that has a wide application in various industrial fields. The characteristic feature to connect two parts in a quick, easy, practical and simple way, makes it indispensable.

From the moment zipper entered wide application, there has not been found another product that could replace it, and that will probably not happen in the near future.

Wide range of different types of zippers extends its application in new areas every day.

According to customer’s request puller with customer’s logo can be attached to the slider.

Sliders can be made with several types of finishes, so an excellent visual effect can be achieved in combination with color of the tape or type of metal chain teeth.

Metal zippers

Metal zipperMetal zipper

These zippers are very reliable because metal teeth are firmly and precisely bonded to the polyester tape.

Metal zippers can be made of: brass or alpaca (new silver).

With various colors of teeth and slider finish, and with different puller shapes, these zippers can also represent a fashion detail on clothing or footwear.

They are made in several different sizes (according to the width of metal teeth) and in different classifications as: closed end, open end, with two sliders...

Coil (nylon) zippers

Coil (nylon) zipperCoil (nylon) zippers

A characteristic of coil zippers is high reliability and durability.

There are several types of these zippers, which makes them suitable for a variety of purposes, ranging from the requirement to be concealed when it is sewn on light garments, to the need to meet the specific requirements of the footwear, sports equipment and furniture industries...

The spiral woven zippers S40 and S60 represent newer technology of producing a zipper, where spiral is formed directly on the weaving machine and together with quality yarns makes one solid structure.

From our wide range of products we highlight SN40 – invisible zipper, which is unnoticable after it has been sewn on a garment, so that only puller is visible.

Plastic molded zippers

Plastic molded zipperPlastic molded zipper

They are made by molding polyamide teeth on a polyester tape, and besides functionality they can represent a fashion detail.

Due to the shape of it's teeth, it is popularly known as „tractor“.

It is possible to combine different color of teeth and polyester tape in order to achieve interesting visual effect.

They can be made in different classifications, like other types of zippers.

Sewing threads

Zipplast d.o.o. has a long-term cooperation with the world's largest manufacturers of sewing threads.

Our range of sewing threads covers all requirements in textile, leather, footwear, furniture, home textile industry and similar.

We provide our clients with standard and high-quality sewing threads, that can eliminate all problems when sewing various materials, increase productivity up to 30%, and at the same time achieve a flawless stitch.

Sewing threads are made of polyester, polyamide, mixed polyester-cotton, and non-combustible ones are made of meta-aramide or para-aramide. They are produced in all tex sizes in a wide range of colors.

They meet the criteria of the strictest ECO standards.

Hook and loop fasteners

Zipplast d.o.o. can offer you following hook and loop fasteners:

  • Standard hook and loop fasteners 100% POLYAMIDE
  • Self adhesive hook and loop fasteners 100% POLYAMIDE
  • Non-combustible hook and loop fasteners 100% COATED POLYAMIDE – FIRE RESISTANT

Assortment: width of tape from 16mm up to 100mm

Packaging: roll - 25 meters

Reflective tapes

Zipplast can offer you following types of reflective tapes:

  • SILVER - domestic washing
  • SILVER - industrial washing
  • SILVER - non-combustible, cotton
  • SILVER - non-combustible, m-aramid

Packaging: 200 and 100 meters


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