05 Sep

New Arrivals - New hook and loop fasteners

In our commercial offer we have introduced a new supplier with high quality hook and loop fasteners, at reasonable prices. We offer a polyamide hook and loop fasteners in sizes from 10 to 100 mm.

05 Oct

News at quality control department - Zipper testing

In order to ensure consistently high quality of our zippers, we have introduced several new methods for zipper testing. We point out the machine for testing resistance to reciprocation, and also tensile testing machine for testing the strength of some zipper elements. These machines are used as part of the final zipper control and testing, in accordance with the requirements of a certified quality management, according to SRPS ISO 9001:2008.

10 Jan

New Arrivals - Plastic top stops for S70

Plastic top stops for S70 Plastični graničnici na S70

Now we can offer you our zipper S70 with plastic top stops, which is specially designed for footwear. This kind of top stops provides finer upper end of the zipper, without sharp elements which could cause difficulties in use. Ask for samples of these zippers so you can be assured of their quality.

23 Mar

New Arrivals - M80 metal zipper

M80 metal zipper M80 metalni patent zatvarači

We have introduced M80 closed end zipper in our standard production program. As well as other metal zippers, we can offer you zippers M80 with teeth made of brass and alpaca (new silver), that can be plated in following colors: shiny brass, antique brass, alpaca, black nickel. Available sliders for these zippers are A160 and A200 (you can find them in our catalog), and they can have slider finish color according to metal chain teeth.


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