About the company

Zipplast d.o.o. is a company that specializes in manufacturing all kinds of zippers and distribution of sewing thread, hook and loop fasteners and reflective tape. It was founded in 2002, in Požega (Republic of Serbia).

Production started with two production lines for woven zippers. By investing in modernization and capacity expansion, the company now has 8 production lines for spiral and metal zippers, with a completely rounded production process and business operations throughout the Balkan region. In addition to placement on the domestic market, we are actively present through companies in the Republika Srpska (Banja Luka, 2006) and the Republic of Macedonia (Skopje, 2007).

Many years of experience gained in zipper production provides us constant raise of the production technological level and product quality. Continuous investment in equipment, personnel training and flexible organization enable us to adapt to fashion requirements. This makes us one of the world’s top manufacturers.

Today our zippers are used in the textile industry, footwear, leather, accessories, furniture manufacturing, automotive industry...

Following the demands of customers since 2006, and in cooperation with some of the world’s best known manufacturers, we can offer you a wide range of sewing threads, and since 2011 a wide range of hook and loop fasteners and reflective tape, also.

Today Zipplast d.o.o. employs 40 full time workers and occasionally engages a small number of part-time workers, with an annual production capacity of over 2 000 000 meters of zippers.

Our motto "Quality, quantity, continuity and competitiveness" positions our business in the market.


Contact us

Yukk-Zipplast d.o.o.

Address: Godovički put bb
 31210 Požega, Serbia
Tel:+381 (0)31 3816 179
Fax:+381 (0)31 3816 407
E-mail: office@zipplast.co.rs

Sales representatives

Central Serbia:064 825 5334 - Grozdomir Đorđević
Belgrade &064 825 5320 - Jelena Spasojević
Vojvodina:064 825 5319 - Milan Filipović
Southeastern Serbia:064 825 5327 - Dragan Petrović